The Services We Offer

We offer ODM, OEM and customised services, as well as attentive and considerate after-sales services to answer customers' questions and solve their problems in a timely manner.

  • Cutting Process
  • Stamping , Bending Process
  • Welding Processes
  • Coating Process
  • Cutting Process

    The company has 4 sets of automatic laser cutting machine, 2 sets of large CNC flame plasma cutting machine.
    The advantages are as follows.
    1. Up to 20mm metal thick plates can be cut.
    2. Using the characteristics of laser contactless processing, no damage to the workpiece, no extrusion deformation of the cut products, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures and optimizing the labor intensity of workers.
    3. Save investment in molds and reduce production costs.
    4. High precision, effectively improve productivity; fast cutting speed, optimize the working environment.
  • Stamping , Bending Process

    The company has 2 sets of Japanese AMADA imported CNC punching machines; 8 sets of CNC bending machines, including 3 robotic bending machines, a variety of pipe bending machine several.
    Advantages are as follows.
    1. High processing accuracy, with stable processing quality.
    2. CNC punching machine processing width is large, can do more than standard linkage, can process complex shape parts can do shear forming, etc.
    3. The longest can bend 6000mm workpiece, fast, high efficiency, CNC system automatically adjusts the amount of compensation, convenient and accurate.
  • Welding Processes

    The company has more than 30 welding robots and more than 100 welders.
    The advantages are as follows.
    1.Cost reduction: Automatic welding robots realize automatic welding operation, which can realize the situation of one person operating multiple machines and reduce the labor cost.
    2. Stable welding quality: The intelligent welding system of automatic welding robots can identify the position and specification of the weld seam through the weld seam tracking sensor, and devolve just the right welding material to fill the weld seam, which makes the weld seam beautiful and firm.
    3.Improve welding efficiency: The fully automatic welding robot can realize uninterrupted work without fatigue, holidays, leave, occupational diseases, etc., which improves welding efficiency.
  • Coating Process

    The company has 2 plastic spraying lines, 1 dipping line, 1 spraying line, 1 large shot blasting machine.
    The advantages are as follows.
    1. Shot blasting machine to remove the surface of the metal workpiece rust layer, oxide skin, weld slag, after the shot blasting machine clean the surface of the metal workpiece clean, rust removal level of Sa2.5 level, showing the original luster of the metal.
    2. Can meet the needs of various colors of product spraying, and strong adhesion, high machine strength. The appearance of the product is fashionable and beautiful, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, durable.

About Zhejiang Jiaying, Jiali

Zhejiang Jiaying, Jiali Import & Export Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating technology, production and sales, with five production bases.

  • Quality

    Our products are made of durable, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, rust resistant, stable structure and not easy to deformation according to customer requirements.

  • Production

    We specialize in metal products processing and manufacturing for more than 20 years, experienced, advanced production equipment, strong production scale, strict production process, to provide customers with higher quality products.

  • Versatility

    Our products are mainly OEM, ODM production, involving hardware, construction, logistics, auto parts and other fields, including metal cabinets, carts, container houses, truck bodies and other products.

  • Certification

    The factory has passed ISO9001 quality certification system, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Apple and other third-party certification, lean and innovative, making the product quality more reliable and gain more customers' trust.

  • Delivery

    The factory is large in size, with a wide range of industry sectors, low cost, short lead time, excellent factory location, close to the port, convenient transportation.

  • Service

    We mainly provide OEM, ODM customization services to optimize the product structure of our customers. Our sales staff are proficient in various languages, can draw CAD drawings and understand the process flow, so we can achieve unimpeded communication between technology and service.

Customisation Process

The production strength behind us: from our state-of-the-art equipment to our intelligent and complete warehousing, every detail reflects the importance we place on production.

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