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Process requirements for stamping bent parts

1, the selection of materials should be reasonable, should try to choose high plasticity, low elasticity of the hardware stamping raw materials. This is conducive to ensuring the shape accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.
 2, the bending radius of the stamping part should be not less than the permissible Z*small bending radius.
 3, the structure design of the stamping parts should be reasonable, for example, the holes and slots on the stamping parts should be far away from the bending deformation area, and the straight side of the bending should be high enough to ensure the integrity of the forming shape.
 4, add process holes and slots appropriately to cut off the fiber between the deformation zone and the part without deformation zone, so as to prevent the tearing phenomenon from occurring due to the molding of the bending part.
When the technical personnel of the stamping manufacturer get a stamping and bending part, they have to analyze the process first, that is, the difficulty of forming the stamping part by bending. The processing of the bent parts needs to meet the basic requirements of the overall process in order to improve the qualified rate of the finished stamping parts and reduce the cost.