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ODM & OEM Services

Customization and R&D capabilities

Specializing in metal fabrication and manufacturing, we offer a wide range of metal and steel products, including container houses, truck bodies, lockers, ATM booths, metal boxes, carts, slot machines, etc. We can also provide OEM&ODM customization service.

Zhejiang Jiaying, Jiali Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Customized Ability

Custom R&D

We have professional engineers to communicate with customers for special product needs and engineers to do multiple rounds of discussion, research and development.

Production follow-up

We will continue to follow the whole process from development, production to final product application to continuously improve the problems encountered.

Quality Control

Since its establishment, Jiali has always put quality in the first place. Advanced equipment, high quality production process design and procedure control make each batch of products more stable and traceable to obtain high efficiency production quality control; ISO9001 international quality management system certification; Strictly follow the supplier's index for each batch of products to test quality control.

Zhejiang Jiaying, Jiali Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Brand value

We will allow our customers to experience a one-stop R&D, purchasing and receiving experience.
We will bring diversified branding strategies to help our customers expand local market opportunities with our products.